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Handmade Catnip Spaz-Stik Kick Toy

Handmade Catnip Spaz-Stik Kick Toy

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Your feline friend will adore our handmade, catnip-filled Spaz-Stik kick toys! They'll pounce, grab, and kick these fluffy toys with their back paws. And don't be shocked if they also give it a good lick, like our own cat Spaz did! (As seen in the picture)

Spaz-Stik's are made with 100% cotton or flannel fabric. These tubes are stuffed with poly-fil, fabric scraps and catnip! These tubes are currently NOT refillable. I am working revising these to be able to have refilling capabilities.

These come in different sizes:
Small= 1" wide x 7" long
Medium= roughly 1.5" wide x 13"-14" long
Large= roughly 1.5" wide x 17.5" long
Square= 3" x 2.75" or 2.5" x 4"

Different patterns available. Message me for details.
*Special thanks to my friend's cat for giving their approval of the kick stick! (in videos)*

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