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Bag Holder & Organizer

Bag Holder & Organizer

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Organize your bags in style with this handmade plastic bag holder! Made from 100% cotton, this bag holder is sure to elevate your storage experience and keep your bags in check. Take the hassle out of bag organization and take the challenge head on!

They help organize those extra plastic bags that are just stuffed under cabinets or in drawers. Smaller bag holders can be used for dog poo bags!

*Pictured are examples. Can use just about any pattern. Contact me if you don't see a pattern you want or ask if I have it!

*Machine wash cold, gentle cycle. (if needed)
*Hang dry or machine dry low, gentle cycle.

*Please Note*

^Each product is handmade with extreme care, therefore each one may differ from another.
^Patterns and cuts may vary.
^Seams may have slight imperfections.
^Due to product variation, the actual color may differ slightly from the product photo.

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