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Hanukkah Scrunchies

Hanukkah Scrunchies

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Make an accessory statement this Hanukkah season with our Hanukkah Scrunchies! Show off your love for the Festival of Lights with a collection of scrunchies and get ready to have a ball and look good doing it!

They make great small gifts!!!!

*100% Cotton
*1/4" braided elastic-securely sewn in place
*Scrunchies are standard size, approximately 3-4 inches wide
*Hand-wash and line dry only.
*Light-weight and comfortable

Patterns: Hanukkah: Star of David, Dreidel, Menorahs, Star of David & Donuts

*Please Note*
^Each product is handmade with extreme care, therefore each one may differ from another.
^Patterns and cuts may vary.
^Seams may have slight imperfections.
^Each scrunchie may stretch a little differently.
^Due to product variation, the actual color of the scrunchies may differ slightly from the product photo.
^Handmade products may be prone to tearing if not washed or taken care of properly.

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