June Donation Totals

June Donation Totals

Thank you again to everyone who purchased items!

As promised, here are the totals that were donated to each rescue in June.

All Seated in a Barn:

  • June Total: $218.00

Sweet Mercies Rescue Ranch:

  • June Total: $35.00

Ruby's Purpose:

  • June Total: $14.00

Thank you again to all those that have purchased totes, blankets, coasters, T-shirts, and scrunchies!

Your support of my small business and allowing us, ALL, to be able to help out these amazing rescues is something I'll always cherish!

Remember!!!!!!  FREE SHIPPING on EVERYTHING! (For US only, my apologies to everywhere else.)

In July, the Honoring Frederick drawstring bag was released.  It was a BIG hit!  Thank you!!!  Sticker sheets featuring animals from All Seated in a Barn, Ruby's Purpose and Sweet Mercies Rescue Ranch have been released in July!

I not only have items for these horse rescues, but I also have lots other items too! Everything from wall art, to sweatshirts, to handmade items and soon I'll be adding handmade, beaded earrings and keychains that I've started making!  

I have handmade items too!  Scrunchies, bookmarks, doll blankets, jar openers, and handpainted ornaments!  A lot of these items are in my Etsy shop too.  I have a link on my homepage.

 THANK YOU AGAIN FOR YOUR SUPPORT!  It means the world to me!

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