November Donation Total

November Donation Total

Thank you to those that purchased items this month and the end of October!

We were able to donate $15 to All Seated in a Barn for November.

There was one late purchase in October and $7 was donated to Sweet Mercies Rescue Ranch!

So far, since January of 2023 we have been able to donate the following amounts:

All Seated in a Barn: $1,226.00

Sweet Mercies Rescue Ranch: $360.50

Ruby's Purpose: $43.00

The Gifted Equine: $20.00

The total amount to all rescues is $1,649.50!

Thank you for your continued support of my little shop and for helping us bring awareness to these amazing horse and donkey rescues!

And don't forget, anything that is handmade by me, 100% of the proceeds get donated to the designated rescue or if not designated, the buyers choice!

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