April & May 2023 Donations

April & May 2023 Donations

Thank you again to everyone who purchased items in April and May! 

As promised, here are the totals that were donated to each rescue for April and May.

All Seated in a Barn:

  • Total April donation- $110.00!
  • Total May donation- $124.00!

Sweet Mercies Rescue Ranch:

  • Total April donation- $13.00
  • Total May donation- $7.00

Ruby's Purpose:

  • Total April donation- $7.00

Thank you again to all those that have purchased totes, blankets, coasters, T-shirts, pillow's, greeting cards, scrunchies and dog hoodies!

Your support of my small business and allowing us, ALL, to be able to help out these amazing rescues is something I'll always cherish!

AND, to make things even better, I've decided to have FREE SHIPPING on EVERYTHING! (For US only, my apologies to everywhere else.)

I also have other items if you need gifts of any kind! 

Know a lady veteran?? I have shirts and stickers for them!  Know a redhead??  I have items for them as well! Want to start journaling or keeping track of the funny things your kid(s) say?? I have journals too!

I have handmade items too!  Scrunchies, bookmarks, dog collar covers, jar openers, and handpainted ornaments!  A lot of these items are in my Etsy shop too.  I have a link on my homepage.


THANK YOU AGAIN FOR YOUR SUPPORT!  It means the world to me!



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