Totes, Totes & More Totes!

Totes, Totes & More Totes!

First, I want to say THANK YOU to all of you that have purchased these tote bags!  I am so appreciative and I know that each rescue is appreciative of any and all donations!  

Secondly, I want to be upfront and totally honest with you all!  Full transparency.  I will be donating all proceeds from these bags to the respective rescues, BUT I honestly didn't take into account a few things. I didn't take into account the cost that I have to pay for printing these bags. I didn't take into account designing time. I wanted to be able to donate the entire cost, but I just didn't think about the printing and other fees until it was brought to my attention.  It's been a learning process for me and I do apologize for any confusion I may have caused.

I was originally charging $21.50, but I have slightly increased it to $23.50.

  Here is the breakdown of costs.  

  • Printing price for bags: $17.95 + tax & shipping = $21 and change depending on the state tax.
  • My (new) listed price for 1 bag: $23.50 + tax & shipping = $27 and change depending on state tax.
  • Total donation, after paying for printing = $6.50

I know this doesn't seem like a lot, BUT because of all of your gracious sharing on Instagram and Facebook, a total of 23 bags have been sold so far! That is $149.50 total in donations!!!!!  $143.00 to All Seated in a Barn and $ 6.50 to Sweet Mercies Rescue Ranch.

I would have never thought that my small idea to help these rescues out would do so well in one day!  In one day, 21 bags sold and 2 more today!

22 bags, so far, have been bought for ASIAB and 1 has been bought for SMRR. 

According to the printing company's website, there is anywhere from 2-7 days of turnaround time from the time the order is accepted on their end.

I am hoping more sell so that more can be donated to these deserving rescues! 

I will be making weekly donations to each rescue and I will post the screenshot of the amounts donated here and on my Instagram account.

Thank you all again, so much, for your help and understanding.  As I mentioned, it's still a learning process for me. I'm just starting out with my little business and I appreciate everyone's support! 

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