May Donation Total: How Much Did We Contribute?

May Donation Total: How Much Did We Contribute?


In May, we donated to All Seated in a Barn= $28, Milly's Place= $8, Ruby's Purpose= $44, and Sweet Mercies= $12

Thank you to those that purchased items and shared posts! If you haven't checked out the new items, please go look!

Three new t-shirts available: Easily distracted by chickens, Easily distracted by donkeys, and Easily distracted by horses! Make a difference by choosing a rescue for the proceeds.

Just a reminder, the amount donated is what's left after covering printer/drop shipper fees. Occasionally, this ends up in a negative balance, resulting in lower donation amounts. Any profits earned are reinvested into Sew Many Things & More.

Customers can support these rescues while purchasing affordable items. Understandably, rising prices make it challenging to splurge on products like T-shirts, scrunchies, sweatshirts, or candles, but rest assured, it all benefits a good cause.

I value each and every one of you and your support for my small business!


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